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Youth Stress Management Workshop

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Purpose: Help the teens and pre-teens to learn the Seven Secrets to Personal Excellence
Since adolescence is a time of many changes including physical, emotional, academic and social, the teens and pre-teens undergo a lot of stress. At this time it is very important to understand the various impacts of such stress to both personal and academic life and understand how to effectively manage stress and bring a great deal of relief. Fortunately, yoga and meditation based programs offer many simple yet very powerful tools and techniques. The Seven Secrets to Personal Excellence designed and delivered by Wellness By All Means is a great program with
proven track record.

Yoga has many proven techniques that help children to build physical strength, mental focus, discipline and balance in life. In this hands-on workshop we will learn and explore the seven secrets to personal excellence for school children 

ObjectiveTo explore the current needs of children towards a stress free holistic and positive living experience in the light of yoga principles and practices. The take away from this workshop is a better understanding of how yoga can be used as an effective lifestyle. Participants will get yogic tips towards total health that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Instructor and Guide: Manoj Joshi, MS, MBA, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Founder and Director of Wellness By All Means, Fremont.

Who: 4th- 12th grade students. Must be current TGIF members.

Where: American High School MU Room

When: March 1, 2013 - sign-in: 6:15pm; workshop: 6:30pm-8pm

Cost: Free to current TGIF members

Please do not forget to wear your TGIF T-shirts (If you have one)

What to bring: Pen/ pencils and notepad to take notes.
Registration closes: 11pm, February 28, 2013

You are not done till you receive the e-mail acknowledging the receipt of your registration.