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Write-A-Novel 2013-14

Is your child a passionate writer? Does (s)/he dream of becoming a famous writer? Would your child want to write an entire Novel in one year? Would your child benefit from structure, motivation and mentoring provided by adult mentors, professional educators and writers?

TGIF’s pilot-program “Write a Novel” will provide the necessary platform.

Purpose: To provide a structured program for our member GATE students to write a Novel over the span of one school year.  


  • Participants will work in small groups learning genres and writing methods from guest speakers, writers, FUSD educators and volunteers.

  • We will be using established and FUSD approved curriculum.

  • Participants will meet every other Sunday afternoon for two hours (location TBD)

  • Each session will include a structured lesson program, guest presenters and allotted time for students to write

  • The objective is to provide the children structure, fun and inspiration to yield results.


  • Passionate writers only

  • Be committed to write a 150 page Novel or substantial short story (Novella).

  • This will be a time intensive process for serious writers only: please make sure your child is committed

  • Students will have bi weekly writing goals

  • Students will be asked to read their work aloud for for both peer and adult review


  • Participants will have the privilege of listening to and working with accomplished ‘guest writers’

  • They will get the opportunity of working with FUSD educators outside school hours

  • Participants will have the unique opportunity of getting their work ready for publishing

  • Program is structured to maximize as much one on one student teacher interaction as possible

Who: Serious passionate writers in grades 4-9 can participate in the program.

How to participate:

  • Must be a current TGIF member in grades 4-9

  • Must submit a brief statement on why (s)he wants to be part of “Write a Novel” program

  • Statement must be ready for the first day of the program

  • Students will be interviewed on the first day to gauge interest and commitment

How to register for the program:

  • please review the criteria with your child very carefully

  • You will be notified when the registration opens

  • Fees are $50 for the registration.

  • Participants bear the cost of publishing the Novel