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Tech Museum Field Trip - February 2014

Cost: Free

TGIF t-shirt required: This is a TGIF field trip.  All participants must wear a TGIF t-shirt during the field trip.  T-shirts will be available for sale at the location on the event day for $10 each.

No-show policy: If you register but do not show up, your cost is $10 PER ticket, to be donated to the Tech Museum, since they reserved (a) ticket(s) for you.  You will not be able to register for any future event or program for any member of your family till this is paid.

Why this no-show policy?  
TGIF has noticed significant number of no-shows in programs offered at no cost.  Significant amount of planning and cost goes into every program - free or not.  No-shows make the effort wasted, and create an embarrassing situation with the host (museum).  While TGIF would like to continue to offer programs at the lowest possible costs to the members, we can not afford the disruption that no-shows bring.  This policy will hopefully discourage the no-shows.