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Stock Market Game 2012-13

Registration is now closed.  Thank you for your interest.
Please note:
  • This is a year round program - online + four workshops.  If you can not commit to it, please do not register.
Would you like your GATE child to venture into bonds and stock market? Here is an opportunity for your child to try to generate returns in the real stock market using pretend or "virtual" money and learn about building a diversified "long" and "short" portfolio of stocks and bonds using a margin account.

Purpose of Stock Market Game (SMG):

  • The intent is to make it a fun, recreational game for GATE kids to get together and enjoy the experience. The purpose is to simulate the stock market and give the kids a real world application experience.
  • To build a model to bring the value that will provide the compatible teams of elementary, Jr.High and High school students a platform to connect with one another, and enhance communication.

Design of SMG:

Introduce the concept to pick/choose stocks, monitor their performance, and observe how the companies evolve, create awareness for investments and also, share the real world applications in comparison to the game


Students in grades 4 and above shall be invited to participate in this year long program. All participants must have access to a computer and Internet.

Mark your calendar for the kickoff session on Oct 12.

From the comfort of your home- the game can be played from home. TGIF will provide the following

  1. ID numbers to log into the system to enable the individual and/or teams to be ranked and to ensure that all are in compliant with the rules and procedures.
  2. Necessary workshops and training in Stock Market investments, Economics and the operations of a Brokerage account. Any additional curriculum topics will be addressed on a need basis.
  3. Participants will have access to technical and investor forum on yahoo group to discuss the strategies of the game.

Performance evaluations- Periodic workshops will be held for the participants to assess their performance and to exchange and compare various investment styles.

Cost: $10/participant to cover facilities cost (3 to 4 meetings over few months)

Incentive/awards: Top rankers and teams will be recognized.


Students who participate in The Stock Market Game learn more than investing. Starting with a virtual cash account of 100,000, students strive to create the best performing portfolios using a live trading simulation. As they work to grow their $100,000 virtual cash accounts into a top-performing portfolio, they develop strong interest in the daily events that shape our world.

Since 1977, more than 10 MM students have participated in The Stock market Game program. The program is made possible by the support of more than 650 securities firms...It is the only stock market simulation supported by the New York Stock Exchange.

The Stock Market Game is a trademark of the Foundation for Investor Education; a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and providing learning resources for investors of all ages and does not accept advertising or merchandise company products in delivering the program.

How to participate: Register first.  Then sign up for volunteering.