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SAT/ACT Mock Test & Results

The Mock SAT/ACT Combo Test helps students decide which test is right for them. Students are tested on 4 sections of the SAT and 4 sections of ACT.  Kaplan then provides a full SAT and ACT score to each student that predicts how they will do on each tests.

The Kaplan proctors use the same script as the official SAT/ACT proctors and the same test materials.  The only difference is that schools will never see these scores.  The test is over 4 hours long . Students may bring a graphing calculator (no cell phone calculators allowed) and a number 2 pencil.  Students are also welcome to bring small snacks and water to be consumed during the 5 min breaks.

Each student's results packet will provide feedback comparing their performance on each of the analogous test sections of the two exams - for example, SAT Math section vs. ACT Math section. This is a perfect opportunity to experience both tests. Students attending this workshop must be able to attend the results seminar on Sept. 27.