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Science Day at Rock It Science

This afternoon of science fun will include 4 lessons: Unwise stuff to do in a microwave, Disease Spreading, Trust, and Lasers and Mirrors. Lasers and Mirrors: Students use their reflections in plastic mirrors to discover how to make a million eyes, an infinite ‘tunnel’, periscopes, kaleidoscopes, and how the ‘fun house’ mirrors work. A laser is used to show the light path. This relates to reflection, refraction, interference, rainbows, lasers, light waves, and color. Disease Spreading: Students discover how quickly a “disease” can spread through their unicorns and then they try to determine which unicorn had the disease first. This relates to  pollution, bacterial infection prevention, acid/base indicators, epidemiology, and logic. Trust: Take turns lifting each other into the air with ropes and pulleys. Unwise Stuff to do in a Microwave: Now is your chance to see what will happen when we put all kinds of things in a microwave oven. We’ll try things like fluorescent lights, raw eggs, DVD’s, metal, soap, and electronic devices to see if anything interesting happens.