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Registration Times

Please note:
  1. Multiple sections open at the same time
  2. Please complete the payment for each event as you register.  Please do not try to pay for multiple events together - you WILL lose your spots on all since the payment will not come through within reasonable time.
  3. All unpaid registrations will be canceled at 11pm every day.
  4. For the next three days, between approximately 7pm and 10:30pm every day, only events listed under that day will be available for registration and waitlist.
  5. Events open for registration today may be found here:
  6. Waitlist (single list for all events/programs)
  7. Cancellation request (single list for all events/programs)
  8. The Fun Math Club programs cost $25, not $10.  Sorry for the incorrect information provided earlier.
Tuesday, September 24:
Wednesday, September 25:
Thursday, September 26: