Registering for a Program

Please note that most TGIF programs are open only to members.  Most of the content below assumes you are a member, and you have access to your TGIF account at

How do I register for a program?

  • Log into your TGIF account at
  • Go to Members/Events (
  • Find the program/event you would like to register for.  If it available for registration, you will see a Register button.  Click on it.
  • Fill out the requested information.  Please pay attention to the student name if asked.  It needs to be in the format First Last (e.g. John Smith - first letters upper case, and space between the two).  This name must match a student name you have entered on your account profile.  If there is a mismatch, the registration will go through at first, but will be removed later.  You may lose your spot and may not qualify for refund.

There are too many events on many pages.  I am getting lost.  Is there a better way to navigate?

Yes, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for each of the event page.  Click on the orange RSS feed button on any of the following pages and add it to your browser's bookmarks.  Then on, you can go to the bookmark, and you will see a list of events on that page.

What is "Spaces left" ?

Most of the TGIF programs have limited capacity.  The limit may come from the facilities, or the vendor running the program.  TGIF announces the maximum limit for each program on the program page (under  As TGIF members register for the program, the available spaces go down.  The "Spaces left" just above the Register button tells you how many spaces are left at that moment.  When the limit is reached, the Spaces left shows zero, and the "Register" button will not be available anymore:

There were spaces left when I clicked the "Register" button.  But when I tried to complete my registration form, I was told the program is full.  How is this possible?

Please note: Many TGIF programs reach the capacity within a minute.  Even if you see space available when you start your registration process, the program may get full by the time you fill out the registration form.  And in that case, you will see a message indicating that your registration was not complete.

Why do I not see the "Register" button?

In general, the "Register" button would not show up when the registration is not available   This can happen due to multiple reasons:

  • Registration has not opened yet
  • Registration is closed because it is too close to the program start date (please see the program information page)
  • Registration is closed because the limit for the program has been reached

Why can I not register for a program that should be open for registration?

Usually this is because the program has reached its capacity.  Please see above.

How do I pay?

If payment is due for a program, once you confirm your registration details, you will be taken to PayPal website.  You may use your PayPal account or a credit card to complete the payment.  For more questions on PayPal, please refer to the PayPal FAQ.

Is it possible that even though I get a confirmation e-mail, I would be placed on the waitlist?

The system we use unfortunately does go over the limit if multiple registrations come through when only one space is left.  In such cases, TGIF volunteers carefully go through the transaction timestamps and place the first of those last in the program.  Rest are placed in the waitlist ahead of the actual waitlist.  For more information on the waitlist, please refer to the Waitlist FAQ.

Can I try the registration process before registering for  a real event/program?

Yes, there are two events set up for this purpose, both available here:

  • Test Event - $1 Cost: Registering for this event will take you through the complete registration process including paying a $1 non-refundable cost on the PayPal website.
  • Test Event - No Cost: Registering for this event will take you through the registration process excluding the payment part.  If you are comfortable with how the PayPal based payment works, you may want to try this event.

The event registration form allows me to register Guests.  Can I really bring a guest?

No!  The "Additional guests" - if offered - must be from your own family.  For events meant for students (e.g. mock SAT/PSAT tests), this is a sibling of the child you registered (please do not count yourself).

How do I register another child?

If "Additional guests" field is offered to you, you  may put the count of additional child(ren) here.  For example, if you were to register a total of two children, you would put 1 here.

If "Additional guests" field is NOT offered for a program, you would need to start the registration process from scratch again for the second child.   You will see the link "Already registered" under the Register button (see the question on "Already registered" below).  You may ignore it, and click on the "Register" button.

How do I know which event/program is right for my child?

  • Start with the calendar:  It will tell you the dates/times and which grades a program is for. 
  • Next, visit the program page - you will find a link here:  This page has the program description, and many more details you need to know to make a good decision.
  • TGIF runs several programs simultaneously to cater to the varying needs of the members.  Please refer to the question below on conflicting programs if you need to register for them.

How can I find programs that conflict with the program I am looking at?

  1. Open the program's page (go to and find the link to the program you are looking at).  Find the date(s) for the program - make sure you are looking at the correct section if there are multiple sections for the program.
  2. Go to TGIF calendar:
  3. For each date for your program, check the calendar and find the other programs offered for your child's grade at the same time.  The grades for which a program is offered is part of the calendar.
  4. Make a list as you go.  You will find it handy later.

Is it okay to register the same child in two conflicting programs?

Yes, and no.  
  1. Once a program has started (in case of a multi-session program), you may not register for a conflicting program, even though the conflicting program was not announced when you signed up for the program you are participating.
  2. If cancellation is available for a program you registered for, please register for the conflicting program, and once you are confirmed, request the cancellation for the original program.  
Please note: If you sign up for conflicting programs, it is  your responsibility to request cancellation within a day. The only exception is when we have back to back registrations for multiple evenings.  In this case, you need to request cancellation within a day of the last registration evening.  If you do not, your registration will be cancelled from ALL programs.

How do I find out what events I have registered my child(ren) for?

There are four ways to do this:
  • Go to your TGIF profile.  Click on "Invoices and payments" and look for the invoice.  Unless the registration was canceled later, clicking on the invoice will show you all the details.
  • Search your mailbox for mails with subject line containing "Event registration confirmed".  You will find the details in the e-mail.  The only exception is if your registration was canceled for any reason - in that case, a confirmation mail would not mean much.
  • Find the event under Events, and look for the "Already registered" link under "Register" button.  Please note that this link is available only if the "Register" button is available (which means the registration should be open).  
    • If you see the "Already registered" link, click on it.  You will see the information you provided when you registered.
    • If the "Register" button is NOT available, you will not be able to find out here if you have registered for this event (please look for the confirmation e-mail in the mailbox as explained above)
    • If the "Register" button is available, and if you do not have the "Already registered" link, you have not registered for this event.
  • Contact the Webmaster (please use this as the last resort).