Cancellation FAQ

How do I cancel my participation from a specific program/event?

Cancellation is not a self-service option in our system.  So far as the cancellation is available (please see below for more information on that), you may "register" for the event "Request to cancel program registration" available here, and request the cancellation.  If you do not hear back from anyone, you may assume your participation was cancelled.

Can I cancel my participation any time?

Some programs do not allow cancellations.  This usually happens when you are registering too close to the program start date.  Other programs allow cancellation up to a specific date.  This date is mentioned on the program web page and is also included in your program confirmation e-mail.

Do I get full refund if the program had a cost?

Generally speaking, if you are allowed to cancel your participation, you will get the full refund.  

How do I cancel my participation once the "Cancel by" date is gone?

You can not.  Significant planning takes place for each program, both by TGIF volunteers as well as vendors (when applicable).  The cost has been incurred, and it would be too late to notify any waitlisted member to take your place.  Refunds are not possible in this case.

Why do I not see the program I want to cancel from listed in "Request to cancel program registration"?

It means cancellation was not offered for this program, or is not offered anymore (past the "Cancel by" date).  Please see above.