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Geo Mock Bee

Registration is now closed.  Thank you for your interest.

Please read the Program Participation Policies. You will need to acknowledge that you have read them and understand them. 
Questions?  Please do not reply to the announcement mail.
What: TGIF’s Geography Mock Bee

Curriculum: This is a fast paced and challenging Geography program.
This program is for students with high amount of interest in Geography, or a high likelihood of developing interest.

Who: Students in grades 4 –8 are qualified to register. Must be a current TGIF member.
  • Is your child passionate about geography?
  • Does s/he enjoy studying maps, globes etc.?
Goal: TGIF’s goal is to provide the platform to support and help the students prepare for next year’s Geography Bee and Bowl.

Every month, we will have a 2-hour session. During the first hour, the students will be engaged in an interactive forum. They will share information and work as a team; in the second hour, they will compete in a Mock Bee. This will enable the participants to test each other’s skills and also enhance their own skills. Both aspects will be enjoyable and challenging. Effort and achievement will be recognized..

Schedule and Commitment: The monthly sessions will be held from 6:30pm-8:30pm on the following dates. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP if these dates do not work for you:
  • January 25th at Glenmoor Elementary
  • February 22 at Parkmont Elementary
  • March 22 at Brier Elementary
  • April 26 at Glenmoor Elementary
  • May 24 at Glenmoor Elementary
Benefits: There shall be no eliminations. Every participant shall get the opportunity to
learn, improve and continue to participate.

Cost: $10/
per participant cash at door. It covers the materials (atlas, maps), printing etc.

Register by: 11pm, January 18,2013
Cancel by: 11pm, January 19, 2013

Since this is TGIF’s debut venture, and we have limited number of parent coaches, we would like to roll it out with limited capacity. Please note that we will accept only 100 registrations.  As always, if more parents step up to be Geo Mock Bee coaches, we shall accept more students.

If you do not receive an automatic acknowledgment e-mail from TGIF, you did not successfully submit the form.  Please resubmit in that case.

If you have not already signed up and if you would like to be a Geo Mock Bee coach, please fill out this form.