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Financial Education

Would you like your GATE child to have financial education that is going to help him/her in life? Here is an opportunity for your child to try to learn this life skill and also generate returns in the real stock market using pretend or "virtual" money.

Purpose of Financial Education

  • The intent is to make it a fun, recreational game/learning for GATE kids to get together and enjoy the experience. The purpose is to expose them to the world of finance and also to simulate the stock market and give the kids a real world application experience.
  • To build a model to bring the value that will provide the compatible teams of elementary, Jr.High and High school students a platform to connect with one another, and enhance communication.
  • The intent is not to divert their minds from their academics. The purpose is to instill the value of saving and investing and to make them aware of the risks of the stock market so they will not resort to get rich quick schemes and spend time day trading.

Design of Financial Education

Introduce the concepts of banking, borrowing, interest rates, credits, setting financial goals etc. Also introduce the concept to pick/choose stocks, monitor their performance, create awareness for investments though SMG.

  • Instructions would be given through reputed websites like Khan Academy and FDIC
  • Kids will be given topics to research and present in the team meetings/workshops


  • Runs for four months (January to May)
  • 10 students per group, one volunteer per group to facilitate. Students to be distributed evenly (the best we can) between grades. Idea is to have a team captain (of higher grade) to lead the team. 
  • Students meet twice a month within their own group and 3 meetings  (with all 30 students)
  • There will be one SMG account per group. The group trades as a team
  • Students to work in a group creating their own "Investment Club (per group)". Students will work in teams and build a presentation on a sector of the stock market and present it to a larger audience.
  • Students will be required to bring a laptop or iPad to team meetings and will receive a binder of financial worksheets.
  • They will learn the math of investing and concepts in both finance and economics
  • All coaches will be experienced.


Students in grades 5 through 12 are invited to participate. All participants must have access to a computer and Internet and bring a laptop/tablet device to the meetings and workshops.

Commitment from the participating parents

  • Group meetings and workshops are mandatory. 
  • Kids must have access to internet and a computer and should be able to bring a laptop to the team meetings/workshops

TGIF will provide the following

  • ID numbers to individual teams to be ranked and to ensure that all are in compliant with the rules and procedures.
  • Necessary workshops and training around Financial Industry and Stock Market. Any additional curriculum topics will be addressed on a need basis. 

Performance evaluations- Periodic workshops will be held for the participants to assess their performance and to exchange and compare various investment styles.

Incentive/awards: Top rankers and teams will be recognized.


Students who participate in the Financial Education Program will be exposed to various financial concepts, a learning that will help them in their life.

Students participating in the program will learn  the math of investing and concepts in both finance and economics and leadership skills.

Students who participate in The Stock Market Game learn more than investing. Starting with a virtual cash account of 100,000, students strive to create the best performing portfolios using a live trading simulation. As they work to grow their $100,000 virtual cash accounts into a top-performing portfolio, they develop strong interest in the daily events that shape our world.

Since 1977, more than 10 MM students have participated in The Stock market Game program. The program is made possible by the support of more than 650 securities firms...It is the only stock market simulation supported by the New York Stock Exchange.

The Stock Market Game is a trademark of the Foundation for Investor Education; a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and providing learning resources for investors of all ages and does not accept advertising or merchandise company products in delivering the program.

When registering: You will be asked the group meeting times that work for you.  Please be flexible and check all that work for you.