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Programs FAQ

Q. Do I need to Pre-Register for the upcoming TGIF program?
A.  All programs are by pre-registration only (unless noted otherwise). Pre-registration helps us in figuring out the venue of the program and also getting ready the material (if applicable). It helps us make the program a positive experience for the attendees.  Everyone who pre-registers get priority seating and material.

Q:  Can I just show up if I don't pre-register and hope to fill up a no-show?
A.  Even if an event allows walk-in, we highly recommend that you pre-register for the program.  You may try walk-in but there is a chance that we might not be able to provide you with material or a proper seat. Our pre-registered guests get priority over walk-in guests.

Q. Can I register for more than one program?
A. Yes, there is no limit on how many programs you can register for, so far as they do not conflict with each other.

Q. How do I register for a program?
  1. Go to TGIF's membership portal:
  2. Log in - the Login button is in the upper right corner. If you forgot the password, request it.
  3. Click on Members tab at the top, and click on Events.
  4. Try out registering for one of the two test events - one is free, and the other costs a $1 (it allows you to walk through the PayPal part).
Q. I missed the program registration deadline by a few hours. Can I still request a registration?
A. We try to accommodate as many students as we can. Most of our workshops get filled very quickly. Most of the time it is not possible for us to register after the deadline has past.  We close our forms on time. If the form is still open on website, feel free to fill it up.

Q. I registered for an program that has not yet taken place but something has come up and my child will not be able to make it. What should I do now?
A.  Please request a cancellation by the date mentioned in the event announcement. If the program is not listed on the cancellation form (above link), it means you cannot cancel it through that form.  TGIF has Program Participation Policies on no-show or not canceling by the specified date.

Q. I registered for a previous program, but was not able to make it. Can I still register for the other programs?
A. We encourage that you register for the program only if you intend and will be able to attend. For more information on no-shows, please refer to the Program Participation Policies.  These policies are in place to encourage only serious registrants to register. In our programs; we have very limited spots. We do not want a spot to be lost to someone who did not even show up.

Q. Can I come a few minutes late to the program?
A. We start our programs on time. If you arrive late to the program, even though you had pre-registered, you might not get the material. If you are not on time we might have to give your copy to someone else who was on time. It is expensive to print the material; we do not want it to go to waste.

Q. I am running a little late. Can I pick up my child from the event a few minutes late?
A. We book the facilities for certain time. Every extra minute we stay at the facility we have to pay to the custodians.  TGIF needs to defray this cost by passing it on to the members who pick up their children late.  Please refer to the Program Participation Policies for more information.

Q. Whom should I contact if I have questions about events that are not answered by this FAQ?
A. Please find the contact information for a specific program on the program page. You will  the contact information here.  If you do not find the correct contact, please contact the Webmaster.