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The TGIF EcoClub is a student led and run club that has the following goals:
  • Bring together like minded students from across Fremont
  • Have a platform to exchange ideas on environment and conservation issues
  • Form or help with existing EcoClubs at the elementary schools the TGIF EcoClub members went to (these elementary school EcoClubs would be open to all students - TGIF members or not - as a community service by TGIF)
  • Provide public speaking and leadership opportunities to TGIF member students
  • Involve TGIF community in conservation issues
  • Provide a good service learning opportunity to the participants
The club will meet monthly on an ongoing basis (not just this school year).  

You do not need already be glowing green to join.  However, you will need to commit to active participation towards the goals of the club.

You will be provided help and training to start and run EcoClub at your elementary school.  If a club already exists, you may help with that club and bring the ideas back to the other members of the TGIF EcoClub.  The current Chair has successfully started and has been running an EcoClub at his elementary school.  The TGIF EcoClub is part of the Chair's Boy Scouts service project.

More information may be found in the table below.  The registration is available on the Wild Apricot website.  Questions may be sent to