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Creative Writing - "Peanut Butter and the Pen" - Fall 2013

Come use all five senses as well as plates full of adjectives, metaphors and similes in our food writing workshop for young writers! We'll taste food, read writing by notable food authors, compose love letters to our favorite food and have fun writing about all things edible. 

"Take My Word For It!" is a one-of-a-kind creative writing program for kids and adults. Our goal is to ignite the imagination by providing lots of platforms for diving into writing. We want to help kids, and grown ups, to get to know their writer selves and, since 2005, have been working with reluctant and enthusiastic writers alike throughout the Bay area and northern Virginia. Find out lots more about us at

This program is only for students.  The other Creative Writing program "Take Flight!" has different content (but also open only for students).  You may register for both the programs - in the correct Section for your child's grade.