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Registration is now closed.  Thank you for your interest.

Members: Please join TGIF Yahoo Group by sending a mail to from your TGIF registered e-mail address.

For questions:
The AMC8 is for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and accelerated 4th and 5th grade students.  AMC8 is a 25-question, 40 minute multiple choice contest with no penalty for guessing. A student’s score is the number of problems correctly solved. The material covered is the middle school mathematics curriculum. This includes but is not limited to: probability, special visualization, estimation, everyday applications, percent, and reading and interpreting graphs.  AMC8 eligibility extends to any student 14.5 years of age or younger on the day of the contest, November 13, 2012, and not enrolled in grades 9-12. 
TGIF is offering AMC8 for its current members.  If you are not a member, please join TGIF first.  Your registration will be canceled if you are not a member.
    Check-in: 4:45pm
    Contest: 5pm-6:30pm, November 13, 2012
Where: Parkmont Elementary Multi-purpose room, 2601 Parkside Drive, Fremont, CA 94536
Cost: $10.50 to be paid through PayPal
Registration: (after paying through PayPal) - closes October 22, 2012
STOP - Please read carefully - there is a reason why it is here!
  • The student MUST be in Grades 4-8, and must be less than 14.5 years old or younger on November 13, 2012
  • The student's family MUST be a current TGIF member
  • You MUST use your TGIF username to register.  Not sure what it is?  You can find it out:
  • Please provide first name and last name - both for the student and the adult.  Your form will not be accepted if the requested information is not provided.
  • If your child qualifies to take the AMC8 at the school, chances are it has to be taken at the school. Please make sure your child is not taking AMC8 at the school.  To TGIF's knowledge, at least Horner, Hopkins and Thornton Jr. Highs offer AMC8 to at least some students (math club etc.).  TGIF has no way to know the alternatives your child has, and therefore is not responsible if you register but can not take the test with AMC8, or take it with TGIF when you should not have.    You can not take the test twice! 
  • The $10.50 payment is not refundable in case of no-show.  Cancellations are not offered for this event.
  • Registering more than one student?  Please complete both the steps separately PER STUDENT (make separate payments as well)
  • You MUST return to this page after paying through PayPal (Step 1) to complete Step 2 (registration form)
Step 1: Pay $10.50 through PayPal.  Fill out the box Student Name, and click the button.  When done with checkout, click on the link on the right side of the PayPal confirmation page that says "Return to Fremont Gifted Organization"
Step 2: Fill out the online registration form - click on the button below.
Registration is now closed.  Thank you for your interest.