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Advanced Geography - 2013-14

“Geography leads children to observe and appreciate the world around them; it helps them make wise choices about their environment, and to relate more meaningfully to people from other lands and cultures.” - India Currents Magazine, May 2013

In the Advanced Geography Program, students will learn to make the connections to the various historical, social, economic and political sciences that geography is deeply aligned with. In a course of 6 workshops through presentations, discussions, games and mock Geo Bee quizzes they will learn the important facts and also go into depth about various facets of geography.

This fast-paced program starts on September 27st 2013 and ends on March 21st 2014. 

The program is restricted to students identified as ones with higher level of interest and knowledge of geography during the 2012-13 Geo Mock Bee sessions.  Registration link will be sent by email with a special code.