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ACT Mock Test and Results Workshop - Winter 2015

With coming changes to PSAT and SAT expected in the 2016-2017 school years, TGIF and Kaplan will be providing a ACT test to prepare students for High School Collegiate Applications. 

Unlike PSAT and SAT, the ACT will not be changing. It has become the leading application Exam in 2014 and preparation for the ACT will be held equal to that of the SAT/PSAT for student success. 

Kaplan provides a free mock ACT test which simulates actual test conditions.  We use the same script as the official ACT proctors and the same test materials.  The only difference is that schools will never see these scores.  The test is over 4 hours long.  Students may bring a graphing calculator (no cell phone calculators allowed) and a number 2 pencil.  Students are also welcome to bring small snacks and water to be consumed during the 5 min breaks.

Students attending this must be able to attend the results seminar on February 21.