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Enrichment FAQ

Q. Do I need to register for the upcoming TGIF enrichment Program ?
A. All enrichment events are by registration only (first come first served basis).  You need to be a current member of TGIF to register.

Q. What happens if I register but don't know if I am a member or not? How do I find out if my membership is updated?
A. You MUST be a member to register for any program. Please refer to our Membership FAQ. It describes how you can find out if you are a member, and become one if you are not.

Q. Can I register for more than one enrichment Location?
A. No.You can register at your home High school attendance area location ONLY.

Q. I registered for an enrichment program that has not started but something has come up and my child will not be able to make it. What should I do now?
A. Please inform the Enrichment Programs VP at least 5 days before the program starts. If we are informed at least 5 days before the Enrichment program start date, you will not be barred from registering for the upcoming enrichment programs.

Q. I registered for the enrichment, but will not be able to make a few classes/sessions.
A. We encourage that you register for the enrichment program only if your child will be able to attend. You have to commit for all the sessions. If you cannot, please do not register. If you miss sessions of an enrichment program, you will not be able to register for future programs/events that year. This is to ensure that families consider registering for the event seriously. In our enrichment/events, we have very limited spots and we would like to enforce this policy to give opportunity to students that are willing to attend all classes.

Q. Can I come/join the class a few minutes late?
A. A student being late disturbs the entire session. Please do not be late.

Q. Are these sessions for 2 hours continuously?
A. Classes will held for 2 hours with a break of 15 minutes in between. Send a healthy snack & water with the child.

Q. Is parent participation in class/session mandatory?
A. Yes, we want parents to commit for at least one class as Room Parent. This is mandatory.

Q. What if I am running late to pick my child after the event?
A. Please try to be at the School site at least 15 minutes prior to the class dismissal.

Q. If for some situation I need to contact you,whom should I contact during the class?
A. We have assigned one enrichment coordinator at each location.(S)He will be point of contact for that site.

Q. Can I pick up my child early in one class as we need to go somewhere?
A. Leaving early is strongly discouraged as it disrupts the session & affects your child’s learning.

Q. How do I choose my preferred day as Room parent?
A. We will assign you the day depending on the registration.

Q. We understand that the space is limited for these programs. What if my child is not placed in the program?
A.Space is limited & the pre-registration is on first come basis. If the session is full, we will place your child on waiting list. If a spot opens up, we will inform you.

Q. Can  I send my friend/relative to drop off & pick up my child? How about carpooling?
A. We  prefer parents to drop off & pick up their child. Carpooling is good for drop off & pick up as long as all the involved parents have consented to it. Involved parents have to write to us separately and provide all the necessary information if they are carpooling.

Q.When will I get confirmation email that my child is accepted in the program?
A. Once the registrations are finalized, TGIF will send you the confirmation email.

Q. Can I meet with the Coach to discuss my child’s progress after the session?
A. If you have a specific question you can write to the following coordinators..  After the session you can talk to the Coach also.

Q. Is the toastmasters program open for siblings of GATE students?
A. TGIF membership is family membership. It means that all the kids in the family that are members of TGIF can participate into TGIF events and enrichment programs.

Q. What grades is the program open for?
A. The program is appropriate for and therefore open to students in grades 5-9.

Q. Can you take more students in case there are more registrations in a particular attendance area?
A.We cannot accommodate more than 20 per attendance area at this time.

For specific questions write to (also please visit giftedinfremont.org )
1. enrichment_coordinator1@giftedinfremont.org Washington Attendance Area
2. enrichment_coordinator2@giftedinfremont.org Mission Attendance Area
3. enrichment_coordinator3@giftedinfremont.org Irvington Attendance Area
4. enrichment_coordinator4@giftedinfremont.org, Mission Attendance Area
5. enrichment_coordinator5@giftedinfremont.org Irvington Attendance Area

6. enrichment_coordinator6@giftedinfremont.org Kennedy Attendance Area 
7. enrichment_coordinator7@giftedinfremont.org American Attendance Area 
8. enrichment_coordinator8@giftedinfremont.org American Attendance Area 
9. enrichment_coordinator9@giftedinfremont.org Washington Attendance Area