To contact program/activity Chairs and or TGIF  board members by e-mail, please follow the links below and fill out the form.  Please send membership or event registration and PayPal related questions to the Webmaster (towards the bottom of the page).
Feedback - comments on events/enrichment programs/other, including to suggest new events/programs.  Please do not use this link for questions specific to your situation on any events/programs - please contact the Chair for the event/program for such reasons.

TGIF Board Members:
  • President (Vinita Verma)
  • VP - Membership (Judy Chu)
  • VP - Fundraising (Open - contact the President)
  • VP - Advocacy (Open - contact the President)
  • VP - Programs (Deepa Mehta)
  • VP - After School Programs (Open - contact the President)
  • VP - Publicity (Open - contact the President)
  • Treasurer (Susan Sun)
  • Secretary (Brandon Chu)
Event/program chairs, coordinators and other:
Contact information for John Schroeder, the GATE Specialist at FUSD, may be found here.