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Roles and Responsibilities


The President shall:

  1. Coordinate the work of Officers and Committees.

  2. Preside at all Board and TGIF meetings

  3. Appoint the Chairpersons and members of Committees, subject to ratification of the Board

  4. Sign all authorizations for payment as required by the Board

  5. Have all flyers approved by FUSD GATE Office prior to distribution.

  6. Have all contracts and/or legally binding documents approved by the Board and FUSD GATE Office, prior to signing a contract along with another Officer.

  7. Be authorized to sign checks along with Treasurer and VP of Membership.

VP of Membership

The VP of Membership shall:

  1. Be in charge of managing the overall membership function.

  2. Design and implementation of programs that broaden membership engagement

  3. Create short term, medium term, and long term plans for increasing membership base.

  4. Create and execute plans for retaining current members

  5. Work with VP Fund Raising on TGIF annual revenue targets.

  6. Maintain database of current paid members.

  7. Maintain database of members from past years with membership fees due.

  8. Send frequent reminders to members to renew their membership.

  9. Work with VP of Programs to provide list of current members for program registrations.

  10. Recruit volunteer/Parent Coordinators to assist in membership activities.

  11. Provide information from membership database to other TGIF VPs to recruit volunteers.

  12. Work in close association with TGIF President, Secretary, Treasurer, and VP of Technology.

  13. Gather ideas & feedback from  TGIF GATE representatives from FUSD schools.

VP of Programs

The VP of Programs shall:
  1. Research, plan and organize programs throughout the school year for the benefit and enrichment of GATE identified children and their families in Fremont.

  2. Bring new educational programs to TGIF.

  3. Check, verify & collect proper logistics to start, bringing programs to our school district.

  4. Notify & take feedback from TGIF Board of the updates for the programs.

  5. Work in close association with TGIF President, Secretary & FUSD GATE Program Specialist

  6. Gather ideas & feedback from TGIF GATE representatives and from FUSD schools.

  7. Gather & File record of  after school programs in FUSD .

  8. Explore & implicate Existing programs from other school districts to FUSD.

  9. Build a team of program Coordinators at TGIF level and team of parent volunteers at school sites.

VP of After School Programs

The VP of After School Programs (ASP) shall:

  • Oversee, manage, and train ASP Department Chairs and Coordinators.
  • Developing Department goals and objectives and
  • Delegating tasks to Chairs and Coordinators to meet these goals and objectives.
  • Recommend new parent run programs to the Board for approval.
  • Work with TGIF Board and GATE Department to ensure that Coaches and Chairs are trained on coaching, facilitating skills.

VP of Technology

The VP of Technology shall fulfill the mission of the technology volunteer group by

  1. Find and deploy the right technology tools for the need of TGIF and its volunteers.  Keep a balance between volunteer and financial resources necessary to use the tools

  2. Provide access to these tools to the TGIF Board Members, Committee Chairs and other volunteers so they can use the tools themselves without help of the technology volunteers

  3. Recruit and maintain a sufficient pool of technology volunteers to cater to TGIF's technology needs

VP of Advocacy

The VP of Advocacy shall:

  1. Implement and drive the following goal of the TGIF charter: "supporting beneficial legislation, frameworks, and policies for gifted children in the public schools."

  2. VP of Advocacy must be the liaison for the FUSD school board, TGIF Board, GATE Representatives, GATE specialist, and other GIFTED charters.

  3. Establish communication and relationships with FUSD school boards, TGIF Board, GATE Representatives, GATE Specialist, and other GIFTED charters to learn what resources are available to help the VP of Advocacy goal.

  4. Gather and file records of existing legislation, frameworks, and policies in FUSD in regards to Gifted programs

  5. Research on the existing legislation, frameworks, policies of other School district in the areas to find out other possible policies and frameworks that would benefit the gifted programs at FUSD.

  6. Communicate to TGIF Board, GATE Representatives, GATE Specialists, and FUSD boards on findings of above research.

  7. Attend community/general meetings hosted by FUSD/GATE officials, FUSD district meetings focused towards gifted kids and any other meeting impacting future of gifted kids.

  8. Represent TGIF and gifted community at TGIF, community, or other meetings. Be a voice of gifted kids in Fremont.

  9. Come up with ideas and develop infrastructure to connect TGIF community in an effective way to get the feel of current issues and status of GATE/honors program within our school district.

  10. Recruit volunteers and parent Coordinators to assist in these activities.

  11. Gather ideas & feedback from GATE representatives, parents from FUSD schools.

VP of Public Relations

The VP of Public Relations shall:
  1. Establish communication and relationships with FUSD school board, TGIF Board, GATE Representatives, GATE Specialist, and FUSD schools.

  2. Be a voice of TGIF in forums within and outside FUSD.

  3. Send TGIF events and other updates to membership base.

  4. Send TGIF updates to FUSD schools and GATE representatives.

  5. Work with local news papers, websites and community blogs to publish TGIF event reports and success stories.

  6. Maintain TGIF Facebook web page, and post frequent updates to community.

  7. Work with volunteers, TGIF board members and high school students to write stories about TGIF events and activities, and publish them on TGIF website and Facebook page.

  8. Establish relationship with local businesses to help VP fund raising.

  9. Work with webmaster to structure and update TGIF website to attract more traffic by spreading the word about TGIF charter, events, activities and news.

  10. Recruit volunteer/Parent Coordinators to assist in membership activities.

  11. Work in close association with TGIF President, Secretary, Treasurer & GATE Program Specialist.

  12. Gather ideas & feedback from  TGIF GATE representatives from FUSD schools.

VP of Fundraising

The VP of Fundraising shall:
  1. Work with President and board on fund raising targets for given school year.

  2. Work with VP membership on setting targets for fundraising to solicit revenues to bring educational events to Gifted students in FUSD.

  3. Work with corporate sponsors to solicit donations to TGIF.

  4. Work with corporate and community sponsors for banners ads for TGIF events.

  5. Create online donation website, to individual members and their companies, and local vendors.

  6. Work with TGIF webmaster to come up with list of companies for corporate match.

  7. Create and implement new ideas for raising funds for TGIF.

  8. Organize restaurants fundraisers.

  9. Organize cookie-sale or yard-sale, or online charity goods bidding event.

  10. Create website to sale of TGIF-marked goods, like T-shirt, mugs, wristbands, etc. for long-term proceeds generation.


The Secretary shall:

  1. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all Board meetings and TGIF GATE Advisory meetings in a bound book and the book shall be the legal record of the organization.

  2. Prepare and sign all authorization for disbursements following approval by the Board.

  3. Record all monthly income and expenditures in the minutes as reported by the Treasurer.

  4. Keep a current signed set of the bylaws and ensure that all Officers have a copy.

  5. Prepare and perform all necessary correspondence of TGIF upon authorization from the Board.

  6. Notify officers of the election and Chairpersons of their appointments.

  7. Send notices of Board meetings upon authorization from the President.

  8. Record all committee reports including membership reports; minutes review committee.

  9. Send minutes for review at least 3 days prior to Board meeting.  All minutes must be approved and filed for audit.

  10. Locate and reserve FUSD facilities for TGIF events and programs and work with Community Services at FUSD’s district office and local school’s secretary.


The Treasurer shall:

  1. Keep permanent records of gross income, receipts, and disbursements for a period of three (3) years.

  2. Prepare the budget at the beginning of the year for adoption by the Board and TGIF.  A copy of the budget will be presented to the Board meetings, and will be presented to GATE advisory meetings.

  3. Contact the bank for signatures of all authorized signers on checking account.

  4. Deposit the monies immediately in a bank approved by the Board.

  5. Receive and retain a copy of the deposit slip for all deposits made.

  6. Pay the bills as authorized by the Board for payment co-signed by President / Treasurer.

  7. Secure two (2) signatures on checks.  The signors shall not be related by blood or marriage or from the same household.

  8. No member shall sign a check to himself/ herself.

  9. Officers counting cash/ checks shall not be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household.  All authorization with signatures must be filed in permanent records and presented for audit.

  10. Ensure cash verification forms are used and signed by two officers.

  11. Keep an accurate and running record of receipts and disbursements in a ledger.  All financial records must be retained for at least 3 years.

  12. Prepare an annual budget, present Treasurer reports to Board and TGIF at board meetings.  Prepare an annual financial report to be made available to the general membership. All accounts and records shall be subject to a semi-annual audit.

  13. Be responsible for filing tax returns. The Board may authorize the Treasurer to hire a professional to file taxes for the organization and such an expense shall be paid by TGIF and shall be considered legitimate operating expense.

  14. Is authorized to write checks not exceeding a total of $250.00 for the school year in between Board meetings and checks are subject to ratification at the immediate next Board meeting.


The Auditor shall:

  1. Have the necessary qualifications and background as deemed appropriate by the Board.

  2. The Board may approve to hire a professional to perform the audit and the expense shall be paid and considered legitimate operating expense.

  3. Audit the books and financial records of TGIF semi-annually.

  4. The year-end audit shall be completed in July and shall be done by the Auditor and to be presented to the Board and TGIF in September.

  5. Audit the books upon resignation of the Treasurer or any other time deemed necessary.

  6. Verify that all checks written during the year are accounted for:  approved, signed, substantiated, and not defaced, and that they have been posted in the proper budget category.

  7. Verify that all deposits made during the year have been logged accurately and assigned o the proper budget category.

  8. Verify bank statements for unusual expenses like fees/withdrawals. (Check printing fees, for example)  Verify proper recordkeeping for these items.  Ensure the account was reconciled each month.

  9. Verify that IRS Form 990 and any state forms (incorporation renewal or state tax forms, for  example) have been filed as necessary.

  10. Verify that the Treasurer’s monthly report and reconciled Bank statements add up.

  11. Complete Auditor’s checklist that summarizes the year’s financial activity, including beginning cash balance, total receipts during the audit period, disbursements, and ending cash balance, among others.

  12. Suggest improvements to internal controls such as record keeping and cash handling, if needed.

  13. Assess the group performance against its budget.